My Living Room Part II

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As you know, I’m planning to redecorate our living room this year. It’s been on my to do list for a few years, but you know what the say about the shoemaker’s children… I’m always working on making my client’s homes beautiful, but when it comes my own, I can’t seem to find the time to do it.


There are many design styles that I’m drawn to, but I think my own personal style is a bit more quiet and eclectic than that of my clients. I believe this is a good thing since I do spend most of my days looking at so many colours, fabrics and furniture styles. I really feel  at the end of the day that I need to be surrounded by calming colours and the items I love in my own home.

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In my own spaces, I like to incorporate elements that are naturally textured.  Items like sheepskin, seagrass, wicker and caned pieces that can create interest and depth.


I love using mouldings and trim to add character to a space, and I try to incorporate them into my client projects when ever the budget allows for it. In my own living room, I’d like to add some sort of trim work to the walls to compliment our hand-plastered ceiling and custom built-in.

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I adore anything white – on walls, in upholstery and in accessories (my milkglass collection is ever growing). So I’m thinking that I may upholster one of the pair of chairs in a white fabric. Or maybe I’ll be daring and get a white sofa.

I also have a thing for pieces that have a history and tell a story. Tyson also shares my love for antiques. Our absolute favourite piece in our house is a panoramic photograph taken in 1916 of the 235th Overseas Battalion that we believe was taken near Soper Creek in Bowmanville. And what makes this piece even more special to us is the fact that Tyson’s great grandfather is in it!

So, needless to say, I’ll be mixing in a few antiques.  I’m thinking maybe an antique buffet to store my collection of dishes and glassware or a pair of beautiful caned chairs. I can’t wait to start my hunt for the perfect pieces at antique markets this spring!

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I feel like I’ve always been drawn to this eclectic style and have been decorating my personal spaces in this way for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved going to auctions and antiquing. As a couple, Tyson and I really do try to bring only things that we both love into our home.  And white has always been an important element in my decorating whether it’s been in fabric, paint or accessories. In most cases, I’ve usually leaned toward going lighter rather than darker on the walls. So its no surprise that the design I have in my head is somewhat similar to what we already have! I not wanting to do a complete overhaul of the room and go within a completely new design direction. I just want to refine my current look.  Take it up a few notches in terms of the quality of the materials and pieces. Ultimately, my goal is to make the space feel more “put together” and even more like us.


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