IDS Part Three

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While the Interior Design Show is a great opportunity to check out the latest up and coming design trends, it also showcases the latest innovations in home technology and organizational products. Every year there are always a few products that are sure to make you think,

“How can I live without that?!”


As an example,  the SAMSUNG Smart Home featured a Washer and Dryer that you can control with your phone! It also allows you to do smaller loads with a “mini loader” on both the tops of the washer and dryer. They also provide multi-steam options the reduce odours and combat wrinkles. Say goodbye to your iron!

American Standard

Another product that will change your life forever in the kitchen (especially if you’re a baker), is American Standard‘s new Measure Fill Faucet. Now you can perfectly measure out how much water you need right from your tap!

I should also mention that American Standard featured their self cleaning toilet at the show… yes you read that right… self cleaning!!!


When it comes to comfortable sofas, Montauk Sofa knows a thing or two. And now, they are tackling kitchen design. They have come up with a compact kitchen that is so well designed, in terms of organization and with a place for just about everything, it’s amazing!


And for your bath, the DXV new Modulus suite is the ideal solution for organizing your vanity. I love how clean and modern this collection is.

The basin comes in marble, concrete and resin. The Modulus faucet has different ring options for its base, allowing you to your personalize it for your space.

And finally,  here are just a few more of my favourite finds that aren’t really trends, but just simply beautiful and unique.

There is something about this rug from Jan Kath  that intrigues me. In some ways, it reminds me of an old european castle where years of neglect and weather has worn down the not so recent plaster facade to reveal a beautifully hand painted wallpaper.

Now these were breathtaking.  These translucent sculptures at the Partisan Architecture  booth had embedded lines of LED lights that were truly one of a kind.

This feature wall at Dekko Concrete isn’t something that I would be drawn to in the past, but since working on my Central Park project with Cleancut Renovations,  I’m now acquiring a taste for rustic materials (in the right space of course!)  I especially loved how this one has a wood grain relief in it.

So, that is my take on 2017 Interior Design Show in Toronto. As I mentioned in my first post, this years’ show was even more special for me and I’ll be sharing that whole amazing experience in my next post!