A New Weekly Series.

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Since I started this blog I’ve been either sharing the projects I’m working on or writing about the products I love. I’ve also been trying to keep the content design driven as much as possible to showcase my style. But I think it’s now time to mix it up a bit! So I like to introduce a new weekly series about things I read or that cross my path during the week. This concept I discovered after I read a post by Elliven Studio called ”Well that caught my eye…” in which Julie posts links to the things that got her attention that week. It’s a short post, but I love how she shares articles I would never have read otherwise and introduces me new blogs I didn’t even know existed! So I hope with this weekly series I can do the same for you.

I’m not sure what I going to call this series yet, but I’m open to suggestions!

So here we go:

Entrepreneuress: Habits of Highly Successful WomanThis article by Decorista is an interesting read that talks about how the workplace has changed and gives some helpful tip on how to succeed in it as well as links to a lot of other fabulous reads.

This Bra can Detect Cancer: Goodhouse Keeping posted an article about a bra that may be able to detect Breast Cancer. How amazing would this be!

Getting The Most out of your to do list: Kory Woodard, who also designed my site, has a great post on maximizing your to do list. I love the idea of highlighting your top 3 tasks each day.

The 10 Best Perennial Flowers for Any Yard: Now that the nice weather is here I’m sure you’ve been fussy with your garden like I have.  House Beautiful has posted the 10 best Perennials for the garden to help you with your planning.

Speaking of gardening, this Saturday is the Annual Plant Sale in Enniskillen. Some of the most beautiful gardens in the area are in Enniskillen.  So if you’re local it’s worth checking out as many of the specimens are from these gardens. They also have delicious homemade goodies for sale that are to die for. I only know this because Tyson’s grandma is usually one of the bakers;)

Have a great weekend!

Opening Photo: My favourite pin of the week from Better Homes & Gardens. Wouldn’t you love to take a cat nap here on a breezy Sunday afternoon.


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