Swan Lake.

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I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of flamingos popping on your news feeds these last couple of months. And while these pretty in pink birds are still a crowd favourite, I’ve also noticed another feather beauty casually making an appearance on my feeds: the Swan.

The swan is such a graceful and beautiful creature. Almost every time I see one I will stop whatever it is I’m doing to just appreciate its very presence.

Two winters ago in the Port of Newscastle.

It makes me very happy to see that this beauty is now getting a bit of the spotlight and I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite picks of all things swan.

1. I love colours of this wall art from Anthropolgie. And it’s the perfect size for a small powder.

2. I so need this necklace!

3. The perfect sheet set for your little swan princess.

4. And this mobile!!! It’s sold out, but maybe I can convince the Etsy seller to make another for a nursery design!

5. A swan designed for cuddling.

6. Don’t you just love these blankets by the Spearmint Love.

7. This print by textile designer, Carrie Hansen is so stunning. I can see it  being used for drapes to create drama in a dining room.

8. And last but not least, what little girl would love her own swan princess gracing her bedroom wall.

I’m not sure if this swan things is a new emerging trend, but I hope to see more them. How about you?Are swans also making an appearance in your social media feeds?


p.s. If you have a thing for flamingos you need to check out my friend Angie’s blog on all things pink feather related!

Opening Photo: Wallpaper by Nina Campbell