PEI house – Where inspiration comes from.


As I collect ideas and pin products for my #PEI house project, I ‘m always thinking about how I want the house to look and feel: Casual yet elegant with a hint of sophistication. I envision the walls to be white so they can act as a backdrops for antiques, modern furniture and the artwork I plan on using. Solid linen mixed with summery patterns will be used on the windows, upholstery and bedding. I want the evenings to be lit by beautiful lighting and the days to be filled tons of natural light. I’m also finding inspiration from the surrounding landscape and plan on incorporating hints of blues and greens everywhere.

Recently I’ve been on a search to find that one piece that will be my main inspiration. Something that I can refer to when I’m choosing fabrics, colours or just the feeling I want to achieve in a space. I had decided I wanted this inspiration to come from a painting, and started looking for something that reminded me of that day when we first stumbled onto house. Originally I thought my search would lead me to an artist that was local to the island, but my heart kept returning back to this painting by Jan Sowarby. She’s a New Yorker living far away from the island yet she managed to capture that feeling I was looking for.   It’s almost as if this painting could be the view from the kitchen on a late summer afternoon with an evening storm about to roll in.


Hints of green and blue, summery patterns and white.


White walls will act as the perfect backdrop to highlight key pieces.


Natural light by day and pretty fixtures lighting up the night.

The #PEI house will be an ongoing project that I plan to post about every few weeks. I’m treating this project similar to the way I treat all my clients’ projects: Good design takes time to source and finesse to achieve beautiful results. So be sure to follow the pinterest board to see what’s currently inspiring the project in between posts.

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Opening Photo: Jan Sowarby