Blue Crush.

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This weekend is the Bowmanville’s BluesBERRY festival where all things that are blue and yummy will be available for tasting! So in keeping with the spirit of the festival here are a few of my favourite rooms decorated in rich shades of blues.

I’ve always had a love affair with blue. In my first shared apartment I painted one of the kitchen walls a dark navy and in my last apartment I painted my bedroom a cheery Caribbean blue. In my current home our bathroom is painted in a pretty light blue and more recently, I purchased blue and white bedding for the master. I think the majority of people favor blue, or at least most of my clients seem to. It’s such an easy colour to live with, and just like your favourite blue jeans it can be used as neutral in a room with bright or muted colours.


Blue and White. A classic and timeless combination.

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One day I will own a home and have builtins painted in a deep rich blue.


Create a dramatic backdrop for entertaining with dark blue walls.

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Dark blues in large or small doses creates a statement in any bedroom.

These tiles!! Source

And if you just want a pop, this pretty blue cabinet might be just enough to get your blue fix.


I will always love displays showing off blue and white dishes in an all white kitchen.

How about you? Are you a blue lover?


Opening photo:  Berry picking at Wilmot Orchards.


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