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Pendant Lighting : Not just for kitchens anymore.

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One trend that keeps showing up on my Pinterest feed is small pendant fixtures being used for both bedside lighting and in the bathroom as vanity lighting. Once only reserved for kitchen and bars, pendant light fixtures have gained a whole new “out of the box” application and the finished results can be just stunning!

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Installing pendants at your bedside from the ceiling may require some electrical work, but there are also lots of fixtures on the market that you can just plug and drape on a wall bracket.


bedside hanging lampsSource

In the bathroom pendant lighting is similar to the concept of having sconces on either side of your mirror. However with pendants your electrician might find them easier to install without worrying about what the plumbing and stud situations are in your walls.

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bathroom pendantsSource

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bathroom pendant lights unique towel holderSource

I’m sure this is only only fixture, but the concept is the same and it sure beats the old hollywood strip lighting!


Here my round up of some of my favourites pendants for both the bedroom and the bath:pendant lighting


A few things to keep in mind when you’re choosing & installing your pendants:

  • Use fabric or paper shades only the bedroom. In the bathroom, the humidity will not be their friend.
  • In bathrooms without natural lighting opt for pendants that are open rather then the light source being covered. (Unless there is additional lighting, like pot lights.)
  • At your beside the pendant’s light source should be close to the same height as the light source would be with a lamp on your night stand. (So you can comfortably read in bed 🙂
  • In the bath, the light source should hit either 1/3  from the top of the mirror or 1/2 way depending on the size of the pendant.  Always hold your pendants up before installing to make sure the light isn’t going to blind you when you’re putting on your makeup!

Not all fixtures can be installed in a bathroom.  PLEASE  always make sure to talk with your electrician  /  designer  /  sales person before you buy to make the fixture you’ve falling in love with is:)


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