Holiday Decorating : Day TWO.

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I have a thing for beautifully decorated stairs. Maybe it’s because I living in a bungalow and don’t really have any to decorate. Sigh. If you do have stairs they should get the same treatment as the rest of your home when it comes to holiday decorating. Especially in the new builds where the stairs are often seen as soon as  you the open the front door.


I love the traditional look of a real garland with the pine cones and all. So simple and elegant that there’s no need for blingy ornaments to make a statement. Source

Decorate using you existing colour scheme to tie in your holiday decor. I love how this homeowner used orange ribbon to co-ordinate with the orange pitches filled with holly branches and a bowl of fresh clementines. Source

Holiday decorating doesn’t always have to be perfect or over the top to be stunning. Source



Don’t forget about the wall going up the stairs.  These store bought party decorations make decorating easy and quick when paired with a simple garland and fresh cut branches in a pretty pail. Source


You can even add fresh greenery to a faux garland to give it a more natural look. ( I just did this with our fake tree… more on that later.) I also love how this  garland is installed at the bottom instead of on the railing which might be the better way to go if you have a little one who needs the railing to get down or up! Source


What you see coming down the stairs in just as important as the staircase itself.  Not everyone has room for a big tree like this, but could hang a wreath up on a wall or a window like the one I showed in yesterday’s post. Source


Think outside the box and hang your child’s favourite ornaments instead or a traditional garland.  I’m thinking an advent calendar would look good to! Source


Not into fussing with garland? Keep is simple with bright colour balls and co-ordinating ribbons. Source


Or skip the ornaments and garland all together and use multiple wreaths instead for a quick and simple, yet classic holiday look! Source

I love to see how you decorate stairs for the holidays.  So please share your photos with me on my facebook page in the comments section of this post link.

Day THREE of my holiday decorating is either going to be about fireplace mantles or bathrooms decorated for the holidays. You’ll have to check back tomorrow to see which one it will be!



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