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Holiday Decorating : Day THREE.

By July 18th, 2018No Comments

Let me start off by saying that there are SO many stunning and beautifully decorated fireplaces out there. I had actually collected over 100 images for this post.  As I started to group together similar styles so I could figure out what my copy was going to be, I realized I was going to have to write a very long post! So instead I decided to narrow my collection down to the images that stood out the most.

Now, some of these fireplaces are very simple and you need to look at the room as a whole to appreciate their contribution to the space. While the other images I’ve included are a bit, let’s say, “over the top”.  But I’m sure you will be able to admire them for their creativity and their unique style you like I do.


Simple, effortless and made of bay leaves! Who knew! Source


Cedar, kumquats, pinecones and I think there is an artichoke in there as well. Source


It’s the wall colour that makes this vignette come together. Source

christmas house and home3Source

a934432ac75d03e801d29d86e55a8b66 Surprisingly there are lots of images of garland with fruit. Source: Putnam & Putnam, VERANDA, December 2015


 For those of you that love colour, here’s one of my favourite blogger. Source




Isn’t this amazing?! You need to check out the whole thing >>Source

Instagram Favourites


Not sure which I love more, the wooden stocking or the bottle brush trees!


Brass, rose gold and kraft paper!


I really love the dark and moody feeling of this one.

So what do you think? Would you do anything like any of these in your own home?


For  Day 4 I’m  going to be sharing with you some ideas of how to decorate your bathroom for the holidays. I also have a round up of holiday products to help you get you started or that you could give as hostess gifts!

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