Holiday Decorating : DAY SIX.

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The holiday season is a magical time especially for children. Do you remember when you believed in Santa and you swore you could hear his reindeer’s hooves on the roof?

When I was little I always had a small tree in my bedroom. My tree was about 15″ tall with a string of lights and tiny ornaments that were all about the size of a quarter. I loved that tree. I still have a few of those ornaments and every year they remind me of my little tree and how it would light up my bedroom on Christmas eve.  Tonight’s post is about children’s spaces and how to add a bit of that holiday magic into them.rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer-flannel-sheet-set-o

Whether it’s a small tree or the entire room is decked out,  your child will love having their personal space all done up for the holidays. ( Side note: I really want these Rudolph Sheets!) Source


christmas tree bunting

You don’t need to invest in new bedding to get into the spirit. A tree of any size may be all that is needed. I love that this simple bunting doesn’t require a lot of effort to put up or take down. Source


How cute are these little sled adirondack chairs shown here. Source

Sin título-5This family seems to have a thing for the numbers 2, 5 and 0, but the tree is still sweet!  Source


No room for a big tree?  Get a smaller one and display it on a table. (Maybe you shouldn’t put it between two kid’s beds as seen here,  as chances are it probably tip over. But you get the concept I’m going for here.) It also looks like the walls in this room are chalkboard paint with Santa’s sled is drawn on. Love it! Source


A tinsel tree is  a cool way to decorate a teenager’s room. Source


This tree is perfect for the little girl that loves pink! Source



No room for a tree? What about hanging their advent calendar or a cute ornament on their headboard. Source


Source (link to actual product!)


The addition of lights makes this space magical! Source


Don’t forget about their playroom! Source

tumblr_mx5elvZ1LD1qecsumo1_400I love the wall treatment applied here. You could use a one of the many new brands of easy to remove and re-positionable wallpapers that are now available to create a similar look.


Instagram Favs

This is too cute not to share! You could easily make these trees using foam core and let your little one decorate them with their crayons.

This reminds me of my little tree:)


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