Holiday Decorating : Day SEVEN

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Every year I have the same conversation with the mister when it comes to decorating the outside of our house for the holidays. I want lights and a lot of greenery and he wants me to keep it simple. Secretly, I think he just doesn’t want to spend a Sunday afternoon trying to untangle lights! But almost every year he does take me out to his grandparent’s property to collect branches. We usually make an afternoon of it, taking a drive in the countryside and stopping at the Tyrone Mill for hot apple cider and a fresh donut.   But, with all the rain and mild weather we had lately, we skipped our yearly traditional and I  grabbed some cedar at a local greenhouse and he picked me up some dogwood. My arrangements are not as full as past years, but I’m happy with the results. More than anything, I just miss my annual donut fix;)

7a8359e15e9612382f70297d3a35e04bWhen I lived in Toronto there was a house on my street that decorated their tree like the ones above. Now that I live in a home with a large maple tree in our front yard, I REALLY want to recreate this look. Does anyone know someone with a cherry picker? Source

danagallagher_mslcover_dec1 Maybe next year  🙂



A pair of urns or large planters are always a good investment because you can easily take them from summer, to fall to winter. Source

photo-elegant-christmas-door-house-home-november2008-donna-griffithSometimes it’s an unexpected element that make the statement, like the snowshoes seen here. Source

christmas-door-decorating-2This looks like it should be on a Christmas card! Source



thd-hht-holiday-monogramwreath-07-11114_vertPlastic ornaments are great for outdoor displays. However, I suggest you make sure they are attached to something or else you’ll have a ball pit in your yard on a windy day! Source


christmaschandeliertopIf you have a covered porch you could achieve this look with either an outdoor chandelier, or by attaching a wreath to chains or twine and wrapping it with a string of outdoor lights that are on a timer. The tutorial for this one can be found here: Source

country-christmas-festive-welcome-1215No room for urns? Decorate with garlands. You can twist a string of lights around them and skip the lights on the roof step. Source

d6f7c8126f751e9b0e292bdafe141507 Source


I love mini LEDs! You could recreate this look on your lamp post if you have one. Source



If for whatever reason you can’t hang a wreath on your door, you could always use a birch branch and prop it up in a corner.


Love the modern look of this planter.


Having a party? Decorate you front steps with wreaths and candles!

With our lack of snow this year, I find taking an evening drive to check out the lights is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. But I’m still hoping a bit of the white stuff shows up on Christmas day:)



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