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Holiday Decorating : Day NINE

By July 18th, 2018No Comments

We do not have a fireplace on the main level of our mid 60’s bungalow so I hang our stockings on the custom built bookcase in our living/dining/ tv watching room. It is also where I get the most creative with my holiday decorating.  So tonight I’m going to share with you some of my designer tips for creating beautifully styled shelves.


Books make for great fillers when it comes to styling your shelves. Not only can they be used to add height, they are also useful for propping up  the decorative items you want to show off.  If you don’t own a lot of books, you could use decorative boxes or baskets instead. Source


Show off your holiday collections! Instead of spreading your collection of vintage bottlebrush tree  through out your house, try grouping them together to create a more impactful impression. You could also do this with snow globes! Source

3f9e804928f6a14fa2331ea0c15ba52dIf you’re short on time just add a few ball ornaments to your shelves for a quick and easy holiday look. Source


You can hang a wreath almost anywhere in your home including your bookcases. The size of the wreath  vs. the width of your bookcase will determine how many you should hang. For a large wreath I would use only one in the center of a single or double bookcase. If you have smaller wreaths you could use two in a double bookcase, placing one in the center of each section. Source

vintage ornaments

Fill empty bowls or vases with vintage glass ornaments to spare them from getting broken by little hands or paws;) Source


Remember to layer your items to create depth by arranging the larger pieces in the back, and the smaller pieces in the front.


In any interesting vignette you want  at least one thing that is vertical like books or artwork, one thing that is horizontal like a stack of books or a decorative box and something unique like a sculptural piece. Source


To avoid your shelves from looking crowded try using only one or two colours. Source


And if you really want  go all out, cover your books with wrapping paper to create a cleaner look. Source


And finally, don’t forget the top of your bookcase. Drape a beautiful garland of boxwood or cedar across it and add LED lights on a timer for an evening twinkle light display. Source

I  most confess I’m constantly rearranging my Christmas decorations. The mister is no longer surprise if I pause a movie to go move an ornament on our tree. Seriously I do this ALL the time! I think it’s the one of the quirks of being a decorator and a perfectionist.  The one thing I find that has been helpful especially when I’m styling a clients home, is to take photos as I go along. Through a photo I can see where I might be missing something or if anything looks out of place or unbalanced.

holiday bookcase

Give it a try sometime. You’ll be surprise how great your arrangements will look when work this way.

With only three days left of my holiday decorating series I’ve decided to take a short break for the next few days to attend a some holiday events:) I’ll be back next week with the remaining days including a downloadable gift I created just for you!



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 I always try to find the original credit for every photo that I post but it’s not always possible. If any of the images above are not credited to the correct source please let me know so the original creator can be acknowledged.

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