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Holiday Decorating : Day FOUR.

By July 18th, 2018No Comments

Do you decorate your bathroom for the holidays? When I was researching images for this post I came across A LOT of  over the top bathrooms and products that seriously should never have been made or photographed. Just take a minute and google Christmas bathroom and you’ll see what I mean;)

However, I was able to find a few tastefully done water closets decorated for the season amongst all the tackiness. Maybe the picking are slim because most people don’t think about decorating this space for the holiday.



I’m a fan of little trees, paperwhites and  pretty letters! Source

Festive-Bathroom-Decorating-Ideas-For-Christmas_06All that missing from this room is me with a glass of wine & some bubbles;) Source


christmas bathroom

It really doesn’t take a lot to add a bit of holiday spirit. Source


Please check out this entire post. Source. I just love how the Swedish decorate for the holidays: simple and a little rustic with a traditional twist.

If you’re looking to add a little holiday cheer to your own bathroom this season, here are few of my favourite picks!


Peace, Love, Joy hand towels / Fir & Grapefruit Soap / Merry & Joy hand towels / Fraser Fir Candle/ Star of David Candles / Reindeer ring holder / Happy holiday Set.

Just remember you don’t always need to go big on the holiday decor. I believe even the smallest effort is this space will be appreciated by your guests. So bring out that holiday candle and candy cane smelling soaps!




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 I always try to find the original credit for every photo that I post but it’s not always possible. If any of the images above are not credited to the correct source please let me know so the original creator can be acknowledged.

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