Holiday Decorating : DAY FIVE.

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Almost every year I decorate our bedroom for holidays. I usually hang a small wreath on the mirror above our bed or add a few seasonal pillows and maybe a throw.  This year I wasn’t planning on doing anything in the bedroom since we are heading to Winnipeg to visit my sister,  but after seeing the rooms below, I think I’m going to tackle it this weekend!


You really don’t need holiday theme items to achieve a holiday feeling in the bedroom.  Just by adding something red you can bring the holiday spirit into any space!Source

26-inspiring-christmas-bedroom-decorationIsn’t this festive! I love a room that you can change your bedding when the seasons change. I  personally get tired at looking at the same thing everyday. If you ‘re like me and want to have multiple looks for your bed, you need to start with a timeless design and a neutral wall colour.Source

This photo reminds me of my university days. I had a string of lights on my headboard and a white tree that I decorated only in pink! Source


Last year I created this look in my kitchen windows.  Now I’m tempted to do this is our bedroom! I just wish this photo showed what the ornaments are hanging on.

easy-to-make-christmas-decorating-ideas-bedroom-wreath-garland-evergreens I don’t know which I love more, the pops of red or the adorable puppies!Source

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If you have the room for a tree in your bedroom I would totally go for it.  Think of how much fun it would be to open your presents in bed with your little ones!

Night stands are the perfect place to create a Christmas vignette.  And don’t forget that wall above your bed!IMG_1102


We’re almost half way through my 12 days of holiday decorating!  To be honest, it’s been a challenge to get these post finished every day. Most of my time has been spent searching for the source of the each photo! But I’m really enjoying doing this type of post and finding new inspiration for my own holiday decorating. I hope you’re finding them just as inspirational too!



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 I always try to find the original credit for every photo that I post but it’s not always possible. If any of the images above are not credited to the correct source please let me know so the original creator can be acknowledged.

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