Holiday Decorating : Day EIGHT

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Originally I was going to write about entryways for day 8 of my holiday decorating series, but after seeing so many beautifully styled kitchens I decide to change directions. In most houses the kitchen is  the heart of the home.  So why not make it just as festive as the rest of your house.  To help you,  here’s are some of my favourite ideas for the kitchen.

holiday kitchen_ Christmas 01You really can’t go wrong with a beautiful garland made of fresh cedar. They always look great and smell amazing. And if your cabinets happen to stop short of the ceiling,  you can drape something like the  garland shown  in this photos on the top of them. Source

holiday kitchen_ Christmas 10To get this look, take a couple short pieces of cedar, pine or other greenery and secure them with some florist wire to the arms of your light fixture. You can then add bows, hang ornaments or colourful ribbon to make it even more merry! Source

christmas shelfWhether you have open shelves or they’re behind glass doors,  adding a few festive ornaments in a bowl  and some greenery like these boxwood wreaths makes for a pretty display. Source 1 / 2

holiday kitchen_ Christmas 03Source

holiday kitchen_ Christmas 08You can also decorate your windows with a wreath (or multiple like shown below).Source


holiday kitchen_ Christmas 05Source



holiday kitchen_ Christmas 11And as always, if you have room for a tree, I say go for it! Source

holiday kitchen_ Christmas 12If you’ve been following me for a while you know why this is totally me 😉Source

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 I LOVE this  idea soooo much!

This just makes me smile.


Hot chocolate station anyone?

I actually helped style the shelves shown in the background here for the Leaside Holiday Home Tour that took place a few weeks ago. I was only there for a short time but it was a lot of fun and I’m definitely going to look into getting involved again next year!

How do you decorate your kitchen for the holidays?  Please share your photos on my facebook page in the comments of the post!


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