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12 Days of Holiday Decorating. Day ONE.

By July 18th, 2018No Comments

I’m trying something new and going to attempt to blog for 12 straight days so I can share with you some of my favourite holidays decorated rooms and applications!  I’ve taking great care into curating the best eye candy of holiday decorating that I could find by looking beyond the grid of pretty pictures on Pinterest and searching the archives of some of my favourite bloggers, shelter magazines, designers and even Instagram. There’s a lot of crazy and over the top holiday decorated rooms out there (just google Christmas bathroom and you’ll see what I mean!), so I hope you find my selections to be as inspiring and beautiful as I do.

To kick off our 12 days I decided to concentrate on the first decoration I put out usually in the middle of November, my wreath.  Even if you already have your wreath up, I’ve included a few interesting applications that you can still add to your holiday decor!


 Why have only one when you can have 3! Source


The are not just for doors. Add a wreath to a window so you can enjoy it when its too cold to go outside. I love these chairs! Source


When entertaining  thinking add a wreathe to the back of your dining room chairs with  each of your guest name them  instead of the traditional name card on the table.

Skip the big bows. Use strings of ribbon to create a less fussy and more elegant look. Source



Who am I kidding… It’s more about the deer and the hedgehogs? Source


Not sure this  really counts as a wreaths but it sure it pretty and easy to do! Source 


No place to hang a wreath? Just prop it up on a console table! Source

blue wreath

Can’t go wrong with fresh greenery on a makeshift bar or for the traditionalist on your door! Source 1 / 2

Bring the holidays into the bedroom by  handing a wreath over an existing mirror, picture or even above your bed. Source


I’m a huge fan of natural greenery so I really love this idea of using diffrent size wreaths to create a simple holiday display. Even if you don’t have a large mudroom, you could use this idea to create a display above a sofa, on an empty wall in your kitchen or on the wall going up your stairs.  Source

For Day TWO of my 12 days of holiday decorating is all about how to decorate your stairs for the holidays!


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I always try to find the original credit for every photo that I post but it’s not always possible. If any of the images above are not credited to the correct source please let me know so the original creator can be acknowledged. thank you!!

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