Green: Mother Nature’s Perfect Neutral

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Recently I came across this room in an article and it stopped me in my tracks. Not only do I love the high ceilings and multiple conversation areas, (Not to mention the fern print on the chairs is just stunning on its own!) but also I love how the designer used different shades of green as the really the only true colour in the entire space.

In my own home, my living room is painted in a silvery green that at night looks grey and other times it can look blue. When Tyson first picked the colour (before I moved in and started my decorating career), I wasn’t sure about it, but now I can’t imagine a more perfect colour for the space. It acts as the ideal backdrop that I can accent with almost any colour. Many people shy away from the thought of green walls, but when used correctly, green can be seen as a neutral or as the star of the show and here are some beautiful spaces I’ve gathered to prove it.

christine elliott designs green5SOURCE 1/2

Soft green with a grey undertone make a great neutral base and are very easy to live with.

Christine Elliott Designs green4SOURCE 1/2

Be daring and use acid greens to make a bold statement.

Christine Elliott Designs green1SOURCE 1/2


Jewel tone greens are rich in depth and look great with other bold colours.

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They look best as feature walls then painting the entire room.


And if green walls just aren’t your thing, then green can be a great accent colour especially when paired with white.

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Picking the right green isn’t always easy so here’s a list of my favourites that I think are easy to live with.CHRISTINE ELLIOTT DESIGNS GREENS

  • Stem Green is great for accent walls and I’ve even used it on furniture to give a pop of colour to a room.
  • Feldspar is a pale version of acid green with yellow undertones. I actually have this colour in our guest room and love it because it’s always seems fresh and bright even on the dullest of days.
  • Split Pea is another great one for an accent wall. It’s a rich colour with lots of depth making it great for a gallery wall with artwork that has lots of colour.
  • Eyelet is a barely there elegant green that pairs beautifully with creams, warm metals and black.
  • Sea Salt is soft green with a grey undertone is another elegant green perfect for formal space.
  • Saybrook Sage is the colour of my living room. It’s the perfect backdrop to accent with almost any colour.

How about you…are you a green lover?


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Opening Photo: Allison Paladino Interior Design

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