Just a hint of pink.

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85f1a2278af0021aeb9a77711aa52321Blushing pinks are popping up everywhere from fashion to home décor and can range from a soft whisper of colour to a deeper, yet still muted, shade of pink. When this site was being re-designed I decided it was time to change my accent colour from a saturated coral to a pretty blush pink because I wanted a colour that is more in alignment to what I want my brand to represent: elegant, sophisticated and timeless designs.

Blush pinks look beautiful in both classic and contemporary space.

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They pair well with both silver and gold and it can even be a bit edgy when used with black.

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 They can be used as just an accent colour or be the main event.

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Blush pinks are elegant, sophisticated and timeless. And if done right they can turn an ordinary room into dream like oasis.

How are you feeling about blush pinks? Would you ever use it outside of a children’s bedroom?

Opening Photo: Rachel Ashwell

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